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Athletes Who Pooped Their Pants During Competition!

Every poops, that much is true, but does everybody poops there pants? Yes maybe when we are little but as we grow older the vast majority has stopped but unfortunately some people, like these athleltes, just couldn't keep it in and ended up having some rather embarassing incidents which we all saw. From different kind of sports such as wrestlers to cheerleaders. Like this video that has been going around all over social media after the Youtube channel named the Richest about the athleltes who pooped their pants during competition.

The video shows different athletes who did this during competition and were caught on tape. The list goes from different sports, such as american football, car racing, surfing, wresting, marathon runners, football, and other sports. Now, the list gained the attention of many social media users as it was being shared by different netizens across the world and it went viral all over social media as many social media channels, pages and websites reblogged the video. 

Source: Youtube