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Wife Thought Husband Was Cooking For Their Daughter. But What She Saw Shocked Her!

We all know that Dad and Daughter relationships are really priceless and little girls these days tend to be closer to their fathers rather than their moms. Children believe that the love from their father is so special that no one can ever break nor replace. Now, a video of a father and a little daughter is now making rounds on social media and has made everyone smile after watching it.

The video shows that the wife was just about to go to the kitchen because she thought that her husband and her daughter was preparing it together. But when she arrived at the kitchen, she saw her daughter hugging her husband and her husband played a song from the phone "Thinking out Loud" and they started dancing. The wife thought that her daughter was just preparing breakfast but she was surprised to see both of them dancing in the kitchen and showing how much they love each other. The video went viral all over the internet as it touches the heart of many internet users.

Source: Youtube