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Video: This Guy Takes Advantage Of A Drunk Girl During Stage Performance!

There are a lot of "Hokage" moves that we have seen in the past that were done by men in different people and places. Any kind of these hokage moves were most likely will have gone viral all over social because it is a craze and as well as a lot of people are fascinated of such moves. Hokage moves is a colloquial term used by people today on the internet to describe the slick moves done by men in order to get a woman. Like this video that has gone viral all over the internet after a performance in a festival and a man did this to a cute young woman.

The video shows that everyone is enjoying the performance of the parade in the festival when suddenly a man steps in and did the this to the girl. The girl was obviously drunk and did not what was happening up until other girls around her stopped the man. The girl caught the attention of many social media user and it has gained a lot views and shares as it was re-posted by different social media users, channels, pages and websites. 

Source: Facebook