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Touching Video: OFW Breaks Down In Tears After Her Arab Employer Threw Her A Surprise Birthday Party!

We all have heard stories of our many fellow Filipinos going abroad and being badly treated by their employer. Most of these stories have gone viral all over because of the pain, sadness and hardships that are fellow OFW shares and have been compassionate about them. But this time, a video of an OFW that has gone viral all over social media was quite the opposite. The Arab employer touched the hearts of many filipinos because of what she did to her ofw employee.

The video shows that the Filipina domestic worker was just having a normal day at work and little did she know that a surprise was coming for her. The ofw went into a room while everyone was there filiming the whole thing, the momemnt she opened the door everyone is singing and clapping and greeting her a "Happy Birthday!" The employer immediatley went towards her because she burst into tears seeing the surprise. The employer hugged her as she walk with her inside the room. You'll see that the employer also prepared a cake for her and many of her co-workers was with her and enjoyed the surprise. The video caught the hearts of many filipinos and has touched them. Many netizens brought out their sentiments on the situation saying that we all wished that there a lot more employers like her treating their ofw employees with love and respect like being part of the family. Some also lauded the employer and the ofw for doing a job well done. Indeed it is always good to hear such inspiring and touching stories. The video immediately went viral all over social media and it ha been shared by diffferent social media channels, pages and websites. 

Source: Facebook