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This Man Surprises His Girlfriend After Years Of Long Distance Relationship But He Didn't Expect This To Happen!

Many of us will agree that having a Long Distance Relatioship (LDR) is really hard. Because you are far away and some things are not the same when you are far. Like you cannot really know what really happened to your partner because you are far away but thanks to our modern technology it allowed us to talk to each other everyday but still it cannot capture certain things and at the end of the day it is about having faith in your partner and choosing to love no matter what. Like this video about a couple who had a long distance relationship and now going viral all over social media.

The video shows a mam who had to work abroad and left her girlfriend in Philippines and promises to her that he will comeback. After sending her many gifts and having talk to her every day on the phone and on the internet, the man finally decided to go back to the country and surprise her. Then one day, the guy showed up and ended up the girl wasn't able to see him because it turns out that her girlfriend became blind after one car accident when he was abroad. The guy was hysterical and he didn't know what to do. He was there to surprise her and propse to her but he was the one that was surprised. He took a step back for a moment, reflect on the things that had happened, cried alot, and goes back to the girlfriend and hugged her and proposed to her. It was really a beautiful sight, despite of what happened the guy still chose to love and marry her. The video went immediately went viral all over social media and it gained a lot of views up to the point that people, channels, pages and webpages are reposting the video.

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