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This Man Is Going To Prison For Hacking A Billboard In Order To Play This!

A video report is now going around social media after a man was sentenced for 5 years in prison because of what he did in a public billboard in a highway in Moscow, Russia. We all have seen and hear of amazing pranks all over the internet but this one is definitely the best yet baddest prank a man could ever do and now he is going viral because of what he did.

The name is Igor Blinnikov, an expert in software and IT, and he had thought of a prank that he could do in a public video billboard in Moscow. What he did is that he rigged it so that he could broadcast an adult video. The moment the video was broadcast the traffic stopped in the highway and everyone watched the video and has caused a commotion. Many had took pictures and video of it up until police and authorities came. Later on, Binnikov was arrested and was put on trial. Now, the judge sentence him for 5 years in prison but still a lot of netizens commended him for doing a great job while many are against of what he did. Now, the report is now going viral all over social media and has been the talk of the town on different channels, pages, and websites.

Source: Youtube