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This Man Destroyed Store After Staff Told Him That Iphone 7 Is Too Expensive For Him!!

We all know that people wants to own the latest of gadgets and technology that is out on the market but some of us couldn't have one because these gadgets are quite expensive. Yet some people who might not look rich but can afford the latest gadgets and it is pretty insulting when someone ask you can you afford it? Like this billionaire man in thailand who was insulted by the staff when he ask questions about a phone that he wanted.

The video shows that he stepped into the store and he asks a few questions about the Iphone 7 to a saleslady that was present that time. The saleslady was pissed because the man didn't look like he had enough money to buy the phone and it looked like he was just trolling. Then the lady asked him if he can afford the gadget, the man then felt insulted and his voice became louder. Later on, the man bought the phone and then smashed it infront of the saleslady while walking out the store. The next day came, the man went in bought all the phones and gadgets in the store and paid extra money because he wants to trash the whole place because of the saleslady who insulted him. The store manager was pleading yet the man didn't give in and still went on to destroy everything that is inside the store. After the he went out and he was seen driving a Roll Royce Ghost. The video later on became viral all over social media and it caught the attention of many netizens all over the internet. People are saying that it was a lesson for them not to judge people by their looks.

Source: Facebook