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This Man Caught A Monster Rat Inside His House And Made His Pet! Now Viral!

We all have seen a lot of incredibe creatures all over the internet. From how cute animals were when they are tiny and how ferocious they are when they huge. Now, a video is now going viral after a man caught a giant rat inside his house and what he is doing it gains quite an attention all over social media users.

You can see on the video that the man was holding the giant's rat tail and looking like he was walking it all over the room. A girl is telling him something and it was like a pretty normal day for them. But, you'll be surprise how huge the rat is. It is really a monster rat, its size is like that of a small child and you might wonder how cats could chase and beat this rodent. The video gained the attention of social media users and many were surpirsed and it has gone viral all over facebook.

Source: Facebook