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This Little Girl Was Entering The Mall When Suddenly The Glass Door Fell And Instantly Crushed Her!

A video of a 3-year-old girl is now making rounds all over social media because of the sad incident that had happened to her in a mall. We all know that accidents can happen anytime and such will happen when we least expect it. Now, CCTV footage in a mall is now going viral after it was posted and it contained a horrifying accident that one would not expect.

The video shows that there was a little girl who entered the mall and apparently the glass window of the entrance is quite loose. You can see on the video that the little girl was so excited when entering the mall yet the unfortunate incident had happened to her. The glass window suddenly fell over and instantly crushed her. The moment that the little girl was about to be crushed the elderly woman attempted to save and stopped the glass door but the door was heavy and pushed over the elderly woman. The 3 year old died in the tragic incidents and it is still unknown how the matter proceed to the mall. The video gained the attention of many netizens as many social media channels, pages, and websites re-blogged the video.

Source: Youtube