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This Guy Thought That He Could Save Their Relationship, But It Was Too Late!

We all have seen a lot of break up stories on the internet and have been able to relate to different horrible and painful experiences of people who are going through the one of the saddest stage of their lives. Because of this, a lot of these videos are going viral all over the internet for many of us netizens can relate to those people. But have you ever encountered or did you know the different stages of a relationships? what are the causes of such break ups? or Have you known someone who tried his best in making up with his girl but it was already too late.

Like this video that is going around all over social media after a guy tells about the different stages their relationship has gone. They had good times at first but later on they found themselves falling apart and he didn't even know how to fix the relationship. He tried every and gave his all but one day he found out that his girlfriend already had a new boyfriend. The video caught the hearts of many social media users and it has gone viral all over. It gained over 17 million views on youtube and it was so viral that many social media channels, pages and websites re-blogged the video. 

Source: Youtube