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This Genius Guy Exposes Gold Digging Women By Using This Trick! Check This Out!

We all have seen and heard different pick up lines, tricks and styles when men goes to get a girl's number or to ask her for a date. These kinds of post are always viral on the internet and videos of it are always getting better and better. Like this video, this one is so far the best one yet.

The video shows a guy goes in for a conversation with a pretty girl which he likes and then ask for her number, and usually an approach like that will get you a "No" but then the guy's phone rang and answer his call and its the bank. The bank then asked for the placement of his check and will tell the current balance. After the phone call ended, the guy then asks again for the number and the girl will definitely say yes. This video caught the attention of many social media users as it was shared and labeled as "These girls are gold diggers" and some were telling that these guys were geniuses. So it went viral on social media and it was reblogged by different social media channels, pages, and websites. If you want to watch the video, you can go see on the link below.

Watch Video Source: Youtube