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This Filipina Nurse Receives $15 Million Inheritance For Taking Care Of A Billionaire Patient!

We all know that a work of a nurse is really hard yet a very fulfilling thing to do because aside from doing job you are helping and taking care of your patients personally and in the process exchanging genuine affection and love for one another. Most of nurses would agree that we expect nothing in return for the services that we have given. Yet now another one of our Filipina nurses has gone viral because of what happened to her and her patient.

The Filipina Nurse, Hadassah Peri, received millions of dollars and gifts from her billionaire patient who happened to be one of the world's richest women. The Filipina nurse took care of the Billionaire Huguette Clark, the youngest daugther senator William Clar and heiress of Clark Copper Fortune. Sadly, the patient was diagnosed with face cancer and according to Perri she really faithfully took care of the billionaire heiress for 12 hourss a day. 7 days a week and even sacrificing her leave. The salary she earns for taking care of her was $30 per hour and little did she know that she will be given much more. Two weeks before her birthday, the patient died and left Peri  with $15 million, a multiple manhattan apartments, a Stadivarius violin worth $1.2M, and Bentley luxury car. After the tragic death, many reporters came to her and interviewed her why did the billionaire such favor on her. The reports immediately went viral on social media and it was been re-blogged by many social media users.

Source: Youtube