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This Couple Was Forced To Do This During Their Own Wedding Because Of Weird Traditions!

Lately, many of us have seen all over the internet the weird wedding traditions that is made to couples, bridesmaids, and groomsmen in China and it has gone viral all over the internet. And now, another one of this wedding tradition has been the topic of social media users after a video of a couple who were forced to do a wedding tradition was posted on Youtube.

The video shows a couple who celebrates their wedding day and was happy and all yet they had to go through this bizarre tradition that they need to do it infront of their guests. The couple were in a room filled with lots comfy pillows and red blankets, it was lovely and all yet friends and guests are all looking on them as they were cheered to go for it. You can see that the couple are really embarassed and they were just being forced in doing it. One of the guest couldn't contain herself, she steps in and forced the two as she pulls out the sheets. The video gained quite an attention on social media as it was shared by different social media channels, pages and websites. 

Source: Youtube