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This Boy Got Impaled On An 8-Inch Metal Spike Because He Slipped While Climbing A Gate To See His Friend!

A school was lucky to escape with his life after he was impaled on an 8 inch long metal spike after trying to climb over a gate and this incident has been making rounds all over social media. The boy's name is Tharathep Wanacharoenlap an 11-year-old from Thailand, was impaled through the neck on an eight inch long metal spike after trying to climb over a gate to see a friend. 

According to reports, He clambered up the large iron railings but slipped at the top because they were wet from recent rain. One of the grey rusty spikes speared his neck but miraculously it missed his arteries. Incredibly, the boy held himself up by the arms for ten minutes, escaping further injury and a nasty fall, before a passer-by came to help and call an ambulance. When he was on the hospital, the nurses asked him if he was okay and she gave a thumbs up. Many netizens lauded the boy for his bravery and this video report has gone viral all over.

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