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This 14-Year-Old Girl Was Supposed To Meet A Boy Her Age, But When She Got In The Boy's Car This Happens!

Nowadays, young girls are very active in using the internet and social media, even though Facebook requires users to be 13 years old and above, many underage children use Facebook without the knowledge of their parents. Girls around 10-12 years old engage in conversations with strangers not knowing that being "too friendly" can be so dangerous. These girls are easily fall into predator's trap by the use of different "Fake" social media accounts to hunt for victims. Like in this video, that has been going around all over social media pages and websites.

The video shows that the Youtube Vlogger Coby Persin conducted a Social experiment which exposes the dangers of social media and how young girls fall into the hands of predators that might lead to harassment and worse murder. The video had a disclaimer that the girls in the video is with parents consent and they set up the girls together with the parents. What happened is Persin will pretend that he is a new boy in town and looking for friends and will lure the girl to meet up with her, little did they know that their parents are waiting for them. Easily, the girls falls into the trap and they may become potential victims of such predators. If you want to watch the video you can go see on the link below.

Source: Youtube