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Story Of A Happy Couple Posting On Social Media About Their Relationship, But Turns Out They Weren't Happy At All!

What's more important Online Relationship Status Or the Real Status of the Relationship? We all might say that we have friends on social media that were always posting about what's happening in their relationships and how happy they were but sometimes you'll be surprised that their relationship is just going down to ruins and one day they'll end at breaking up. Well, its not uncommon these days that people are always sharing things about their lives online and that sometimes the judgement of people affects our relationships because it has become much more important rather than what they should be keeping with ourselves. Like what this video tells about the relationship status and has been going around all over social media and it tells about the effects that it may bring in a relationship.

The video shows a happy couple who always posts about their relationship and people are showing love and support but as well as judgement on their relationship. But like most relationships, couples tend to be comfortable with each other and sometimes the relationship goes down hill and up until one of them decided to share it on social media, about how one cannot stand of whats happening with them and will lead to people say awful things about the relationship. The story shows how the happy couple were not happy at all. They may look like it at the pictures posted but not in reality and this has lead to a much more painful heartbreak to both sides. The couple ended their relationship but then eventually made up and has promised each other to keep the privacy of their relationship within themselves, to cherish the ups and downs, to have your relationship just yours and not for other people. The video later on gained the attention of many social media users because they were strucked on the on-point message that it brings. It has became viral that many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the video. 

Source: Youtube