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Rayver Cruz Ninja Moves On Maja Salvador On GGV Goes Viral On Social Media!

The actor and actress, Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz has been the talk of the town on social media after a video clip from a show called "Gandang Gabi Vice" was posted on social media. The two were invited to be guests on the said show were in the show host, Vice Ganda, interviews them and is delivering very hilarious jokes and entertainment to the people.

The two artists were like childhood friends since they have been working on diffrent projects and have always been together in a lot of shows for a very long time. Yet fans and supporters couldn't help but speculate whats going on between the two because of the closeness and sweetness of them on air and off cam. Like on this video that has been going around all over the internet after their guesting on GGV. In the interview of Vice Ganda, Maja shared that Rayver wanted to kiss her on the lips and suddenly Rayver started to make a move on Maja attempting to kiss her which made people and even the show host giggle on the sweetness of the two. But Maja made it clear on a show different interview that she was very close and comfortable with Rayver because they have known each other for a very long time while netizens speculates the relationship between them. The video gained quite an attention on social media as it was posted by different channels, pages, and websites. 

Source: Youtube