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"Posting Too Much About Your Relationship" Is Now A Real Disease! Its Called TMItis!

We might have seen many of our friends who were in a romantic relationship and keeps on sharing photos and videos of them being happy together. For some they post all the cheesy lines, some will post many selfies and whats worse at times we encounter people who are even posting their supposed to be "private" matters on social media. Well, it ain't a surprise that we might found so much people on social media who're like that, but did you know that a study shows that oversharing information or what experts call TMItis (Too much information) disease can lead to destroying or revealing whats really happening in one's relationship?

A video from a Psychotherapist Dr. Gary Neuman has been going around social media websites because of his warnings about TMItis or couples and people who are sharing too much about their relationship on facebook and other social media platforms. He said that the reality is there may be a deeper meaning besides wanting to show off how "Happy" they were in their relationships but downside of it is that the little things that relationships have, the inside jokes, the sweet memories that are supposed to be secret between the two of you are now known to the world and this hinders the growth of the relationship. Now, the caught the attention of many social media users and the topic has become viral all over social media. It has been shared, reposted and reblogged by different social media channels, pages and websites. What do you think? 

Source: Youtube // Ravishly