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ONLINE COLEGE: TESDA Online Courses Study For Free And Land A Job Immediately!

ONLINE COLEGE: TESDA Online Courses Study For Free And Land A Job Immediately!

We all know for a fact that nowadays many people cannot afford college education due to the ever increasing price of certain universities, colleges, and online colleges.

To address this adversity, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority known as TESDA, in an effort to value education in the Philippines offers free online courses / education to all aspiring Filipino learners online.

There are some who tried and even graduated in a certain course / education through TESDA talks about this only disadvantage of not getting any credits on the course you took online.

But actually you can. After finishing the course you have taken online, you can go to any TESDA Accredited Assessment Centers/TESDA District or Provincial Office near your location to get and take some necessary tests and receive the training certificate 
"National Certificate (NC) II or Certificate of Competency (COC)."

By receiving the certificate you can start to look for a job based on what course you have taken online.

Here is the list of courses TESDA is offering:

Information Technology 
-Basic Computer Operation
-Computer Systems Servicing
-Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
-CAD / CAM Operation
-Animation (3D DIGITAL)

Microsoft Online Courses 
-Game Development
-Game Production Basics 1
-Developing 2D Games with HTML5
-Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity
-Software Development Fundamentals
-C# Fundamentals for Beginners

Udacity - Google Courses 
-Android Development for Beginners
-UX Design for Mobile Developers

-Food and Beverage Servicing
-Waiter Servicing
-Room Attendant Servicing
-Bus Boy Servicing

-Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests
-Guest Room Attendant Servicing
-Valet Servicing
-Public Area Attendant Servicing
-Laundry Servicing

-Preparing Sandwiches
-Preparing Egg Dishes
-Preparing Vegetable Dishes

-Cellphone Servicing
-Solar Night Light Assembly

-Fruit Grower

-Diesel Engine Tune Up
-Automotive Battery Servicing

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition 
-Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Health, Social and other Community Development Services
-Massage Therapy
-Swedish Massage
-Thai Massage
-Shiatsu Massage
-Beauty Care (Nail Care)

This is just the beginning sooner or later, TESDA will bring more free courses online for you to avail.

To start your online college with TESDA, Follow the instructions by clicking this link.

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