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"One Finger Selfie" Is A New Challenge That Is Now A Craze On Women On Social Media!

We all have seen different challenges and craze all over the internet, from dancing craze to extreme challenges and people keeps on participating and everyone else were in to it. Such challenges are always going viral for these are the current trend that is going around the cyberspace. Now, another challenge rises up and is now specifically made for women, its called the "One finger selfie" Challenge.

The challenge was first created by a Japanese artist Sky-Freedom and it requires online users to cover their body using only one finger while posing a whole body selfie in front of a mirror. The aim is to place the finger in a perfect position to cover all what is needed to cover. Women on social media were up to the challenge as many started to upload and submitted their own One Finger  Selfie. The craze immediately went viral and a lot of people are talking about it all over social media. 

Source: Youtube // Instagram