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Nico Bolzico Posted Their Private Time And Made Solenn's Family Do This To Him!

The argentian businessman, Nico Bolzico, who recently tied the knot with the Filipino-French supermodel Solenn Heusaff has been the talk of the social media after netizens saw the video that he posted on Instagram. Everyone knows the adventures and the sweetness of this cute couple and they have been followed by many of their fans, supporters and social media users. But recently, the couple were always busy and have not been seeing each other because of their tight schedules in and out of the country. That is why the two decided to have their own quality time scheduled so that they could spend time with each other.

Now, a post of Bolzico has been viral on social media because netizens found their relationship very cute and hilarious. He posted a video of him which shows how excited he were to see her wife and it made him jump around the bed. He captioned the video, "Hardly see wifezilla and she is always too tired..? My reaction when she tells me we are having sexy times tonight!" Many netizens were surprised and happy at the same time because they lauded the couple for being bubbly ever since they were married but things went a little bit shaky when Solenn commented on the post saying "NICO!!!! A BIT OF PRIVACY!!! Sexy time is now cancelled for one month!!" The family of Solenn saw the post as well and her mom and brother gave out their sentiments as well regarding the privacy of their relationship but in the ended many netizens still lauded the couple for being bubbly and cute. The post caught the attention of many social media users and it immediately went viral all over. 

Source: Instagram