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Mom With Two Kids Made This Cultivating Video That Got Over 60 Million Views!

A video of a mom has been making rounds all over social meda after she posted a very educational video on how to take care of your children. She calls herself as "Spiritual Tasha Mama" and she has two sons and her videos are about taking good care of your children. She is also an advocate of natural ways of nurturing your children because She believes that God gave us our bodies and it is supposed to nurture your child. Most of her videos has became viral all over social media because many of her followers and supporters and the community she built are really into her videos.

Now, another video of her together with her two kids has gone viral all over social media. The video shows how she talks "How women should believe that they have enough to nourish her children". The video was so captivating and it gained almost 60 Million views and has been going around all over different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube