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Mcdonalds Service Crew Shared The Reason Why He Left His Job! Creepy Story!

We all have heard and seen different ghost and creepy stories all over the internet and it sends us chills when we are able to relate to such stories. But it is really different when stories are almost seemed real and it was really a sharing of a person who happen to experience it. Like this story of a Mcdonalds Service Crew who left his job because of a certain creepy incident that he encountered with an old woman in a certain McDonalds branch in Unciano Antipolo. This story made many social media users terrified and has become viral all over the internet.

The service crew was just about to end his shift and he was cleaning the floors in front of the counter and then he saw through the glass window an old woman who seemed to have been looking for someone. The old woman was asking people but people doesn't seem to have noticed her. While the mcdonalds service crew was about to finish his shift, his manager went to him and ask him to extend his shift up to 3am and he said yes because he wants extra hours of work to gain more salary. But little did he know that something terrifying is about to happen to him with the creepy old woman who was wandering outside the store and lead him into giving up his job eventually.

Source: Facebook