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Massage Therapist Taking Advantage Of A Female Customer Caught On Cam By A Street CCTV!

At times we want to go spa or massage therapist to have our bodies pampered and to relax because of the fast-paced busy life that we have. We want to take our time off and go somewhere else and keep off our minds into our busy lives and have the time only for ourselves. One way to do it is to go to massage spa and have our bodies pampered but what if the massage therapist did something to you that you didn't expect. Like in this video that has been going around on social media because of a young woman who goes to spa and gets a massage.

The video shows that the spa is just beside the streets where people are passing by. The only thing that separates the spa bed is a divider that doesn't even go way up. At first, the male therapist is massaging the young woman and giving her the pampering that she wanted but later on to some unknown reasons the therapist took advantage of the female customer and this to her. Because the spa room is just separated by the divider, the CCTV camera on the streets caught what they did. Even the people who are passing by eavesdropped on whats happening and found it weird so they immediately went out in the area. The video caught the attention of many social media users and it went viral on different social media pages and websites. 

Source: Youtube