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Man Accused Of Harassing And Killing 4-Year-Old Girl Gets Publicly Lynch By Civilians!

A video is now going around social media because of a man that was allegedly accuse of harassing and killing a 4-year-old girl. We all know that the right thing to do for such accusation is to go to the authorities file a case and have the suspect on trial and let the law give the right punishment that he deserves. But this video is quite the opposite of it.

The video shows a man who was publicly executed by civilians after knowing that he harassed and killed a little girl. The mob was so angry at him that everyone decided to storm the police station where he was held and beat him up. The beating got worse up to the point that he held by the neck and was about to be hanged. At the end of the video the man died and was without receiving due process. The video gained quite an attention on social media after it was posted on Youtube for many social media users, channels, pages and websites shared the video. 

Source: Youtube