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Liza Soberano Rapping On ASAP Chillout, Netizens Were All Surprised!

The phenomenal actress and model, Liza Soberano, has been on the social media spotlight recently because of her video that has been going around in social media. The actress is quite known for her incredible acting, singing, and dancing talents, but this time, a lot of fans and supporters were surprised because of what the actress did on the video.

Now, the video shows that the actress was one of the guest in a show called "ASAP Chillout" and in the middle of the segment she was asked to sing a rap song. Immediately, she was escorted in the middle of the floor and people are cheering for her. She sang the song "Problem" by Arian Grande and the moment she raps the crowd went crazy. It was also crazy fast and good. This has caught the attention of many netizens and she was lauded by social media users saying that she is extremely talented. The video gained over 720k views as of this moment and over 10.4k shares on Facebook.

Source: Facebook