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Kitkat Did A Head Stand In Showtime And It Was Major Epic Fail. Find Out Why!

We all see different kinds of "Epic Fail" that are posted on the internet. From dresses getting ripped to accidents that tend to be caught by the camera on air. These wardrobe malfunctions are basically not the actress' fault but rather because of the time constraints that talents have they tend to wear dresses immediately and not being able to fully understand the clothing that they have. Another one is because of a certain accident such events happen. Like this video of Kitkat that is now going viral on social media.

Kitkat is known for being a great comedian and performer. He can sing, dance and give a one hell of a comic performance that can make the whole crowd go wild. While the actress was invited to be a judge in a certain show called "It's Showtime!", people asked her to do her amazing dance moves and imitate the headstand that was performed by the group to be judged. While the fans are all in the hype and cheering for Kitkat, she made her move but completely forgets that she is wearing a pretty loss dress. The headstand made her show it and the accident was caught on camera live on air. Netizens were shocked of what they saw and the actress just shook off what happened confidently. The video went viral all over social media as many netizens were shock of what happened. Now different social media channels, pages and websites are reblogging the video. 

Source: Youtube