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Kim Domingo Went Out To Drink With The Guys, But What They Did To Her Was Shocking!

The actress and model, Kim Domingo together with the cast of the show called Bubble Gang has been the talk of the town after a clip of an episode of BBG was posted on social media. Bubble Gang has been known for the crazy hilarious episodes and has been making parodies of famous and trending topics currently in society. Now one of their episode has caught the attention of the many netizens because of a parody of the famous norm called "Pag may alak may balak" amongst the youth.

The video shows a group of men gathering and drinking in a local sari-sari store but because it was a parody the drinking session becomes a bathing session where one will take a shot by splashing a bucket of water over him. Now, one man in a group invited his crush to be part of the session and they immitated the famous "Hokage moves" made by most men while getting drunk with a girl. The girl was Kim Domingo and it was hilarious. The video gained quite an attention all over the internet and it has gone viral. The video were so funny that many of netizens said that it was much safer than getting drunk and they realized the moral of the video by watching how weird our actions were when we are drunk. Kim Domingo dazzles and stunned everyone with her good body physique and beautiful simple look. 

Source: Youtube