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Identity Confirmed: The Customer That Shames The Starbucks Store Manager!

We always hear and sometimes we quote the saying "Customers are always right", yes, it is typically used by people in order to convince the customers that they will get an outstanding service at the company and convince employees to bring out the best they have when it comes to their customers. Recently, a video has gone viral all over social media and it was about a very unsatisfied customer but very rude to the staff and employees of Starbucks. 

In the video, he even called the manager and says rude things about him and their service that it became really really one sided. Now, a concerned netizens that saw what happened took a video of it secretly and uploaded it on social. Now it spreads like wild fire which lead netizens to search on facebook who's the guy in the video. Netizens have found who the customer is, the facebook account name is Devaughn Melou B. Darilag and it was reported that he deactivated his account. Kudos to the establishment that they showed that they trained employees who has the guts to handle the situation even if the customer is out of hand. 

Source: NewsUnfold // Facebook