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Heartbreaking Video Of 5-Year-Old Girl Who Doesn't Want Her Daddy To Go Abroad!

Many people have said that airports have seen more sad goodbyes and real tears than any other place in the world because a lot of people are going abroad and the saddest and the most heartbreaking moment of all is to realize that a loved one is going to depart and be separated with you because of working abroad. Many of these scenarios are really hard and heartbreaking because many of the ofws are not just going to be away for a few months but for years. Like this video of a little girl who is now going viral all over social media.

The video shows how the 5-year-old girl begs for his daddy not to go to abroad. Apparently, the father had to work abroad and his family see him off at the airport. The little girl is crying and begging her dad not to go and even to the point that she hugs her father's leg and not letting go. The video broke out in the internet because many of the social media users can relate to the dreading feeling of loneliness and separation that the girl is experiencing. It went viral all over social media as many people, channels, pages, and websites shared the video. 

Source: Youtube