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Four Men Attacked A Woman In Front Of Her Husband And Daughter Gets A Punishment Of 7,000 Lashes And 52 Years Of Imprisonment!

A video report of the final verdict of the Saudi Arabian court to the four men who harassed and abused a foreigner woman in front of her husband and daughter is now going around all over social media! This has been the talk of the town of people on social media since the report that went out also became viral. Now, authorities has finally reached the punishment they will give to the four men and it was 52 years of imprisonment and 7,000 lashes. 

According to reports, the gang was composed of three Saudi Arabian men and one Sudanese man as they broke into the house of the expatriate and tied him up with an electric wire. They took the wife and repeatedly harassed and abused her in front of the man and his daughter. After the said incident, they also managed to steal over 10,000 Saudi Riyals and 8 mobile phones on the house. Authorities said that they are already following these people because it is the second time they did such crime. They eventaully confessed to their crimes and the court in Jedda announced their verdict. The video report caught the attention of many netizens and it immediately went virl all over social media as it was shared by different users, channel, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube