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Did You Know That Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Decrease Your Chest Size?

Many of us drink coffee daily, when we get up in the morning and prepare for our day. Some of us also drinks coffee while at work and drinks coffee more than once a day but little did we know what are the effects of drinking coffee in our bodies. When you first heard this, you'll think that its kinda feels like a hoax but according to a study that was conducted was made by British University regarding the topic over 300 women and the researchers found that drinking three or more cups of coffee per day is enough to shrink your chest by 17 percent.

The researchers found out that a particular gene named CYP1A2 and this gene can break down caffeine and estrogen which in turn can make yours smaller. But if you had a different kind of the gene, it can also do the opposite and make yours more bigger. The big question now is, can coffee really make your rack really smaller or bigger? Well Ladies, that depends on the genes you have and its best to get to know more about it, to be equipped whether you would like it bigger or smaller. Its really good to know your body structure even better.

Source: Youtube