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CNN Accidentally Aired This For 30 Minutes, Now Netizens Were All Shocked!

A video report is now going viral all over social media after CNN made a mistake of airing a video for thirty minutes on a thanksgiving night. The broadcasting is always known for its credibility on news for their reputations is known worldwide that is why such common mistake on a regional branch channel on the same network took the whole social media by storm. Now, news is now spreading worldwide after the sad incident that aired on their channel.

The report says that CNN local news channel RCN on Boston aired the video for thirty minutes and a certain twitter user named Daene put it out on facebook after seeing the said video on air. Many would think that who the heck would put in great effort to perfectly photoshopped the said video and post in on social media? Well, yes, there are people who'd give much effort just to get attention. Now, people are going crazy about the news and its spreads out until it became viral all over social media. 

Source: Twitter