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Bridesmaids In China Are Being Harassed Because Of Wedding Traditions! Viral On Social Media!

We all know for a fact that weddings are celebration of a new relationship and we are all happy when people we love or people we know are about to go the next chapter of their lives. During weddings we celebrate different traditions to make the wedding fun and memorable to all of the people. But for some countries, traditions are not exactly like fun but really weird to the point that it is offensive to people. Like this video from China that is now going viral all over the internet because of their weird wedding traditions.

The video shows how women are abused and harassed during weddings. The games and traditions in a wedding in China are so offensive especially to the bridesmaids. Some games are physically offensive and some are emotionally and mentally offensive to women. Now, Facebook page named 'Now This' compiled a series of clips that has footage of how women are treated during weddings and it has gained the attention of many social media users. The video gained over 1.4 million views and over 1.5k shares on Facebook.

Source: Youtube