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BEWARE: Robbers Pretending To Be Utility Men Sent By LGUs! Do Not Let Them In!

A new modus operandi has gone viral all over the internet after a certain facebook user named Paolo Ortega posted a warning message for everyone about a new robbery strategy. According to his post, the info he got was reliable because he got the information from the Philippine National Police - Region 1 and now many netizens were alarmed and his post has became viral all over facebook.

In his status he said, "Warning: Please take note. 3 or 4 guys may visit your home claiming they are from a water company to install shower caps to save water. Or they will claim they are from the Electricity company to change energy-saving electric bulbs for free as part of government lay down program. They have been spotted in so many areas. Please. DO NOT let them in. They are ROBBERS, robbing people at gun-point. Please alert all your contacts, as you may save lives. Make sure doors are locked at all times and PLEASE do not open doors to strangers. Please forward immediately to save lives & property! Francisco Paolo Padua Ortega V Let's Go Pablo". We all know that it might happen to us and it will not hurt us to be preventive of what might happen by knowing such kind of reports. 

Source: Facebook