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Beautiful Street Cleaner 'Rita Mattos' Swept Netizens On Social Media!

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a Brazilian Street Cleaner has caught the attention of netizens all over social media. The name is "Rita Mattos" and netizens were all struck by her beauty and she is a street cleaner. She is now gaining thousands of followers on social and has become an internet sensation because of her job and now she's using her social media fame to call out stereotypes.

According to Buzzfeed, Mattos who is 24 years old, works as a street cleaner in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. When photos of her work attire were shared on Facebook, some remarked that she was too attractive to be doing her job. The conversation drew attention on social media and Mattos has since gained many followers on social media. On an interview, Mattos said that she is proud of her job and thankful for people recognizing her and because of her new found fame she is hoping that she can land a modeling career someday. The video gained attention on social media as many social media channels, pages, and websites re-blogged the video. 

Source: Youtube // Instagram