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Baron Geisler Peed On Co-Actor Ping Medina During Scene, Brawl Breakdown On Set!

The actor Ping Medina took to facebook all his sentiments and fury to co-star Baron Geisler for peeing on him during a scene which led Medina to his anger and later on broke his hand after the incident. The actor Baron Geisler is known as a controversial personality in the country he had many fights between other artists and recently he had a controversial battle between Kiko Matos which lead to an MMA fight in the ring. And now, another one rises again as people had followed the facebook account of Ping Medina.

According to Medina, Geisler was sober at first since his mother, who was in a hospital's intensive care unit didn't want the smell of alcohol but after handing Php200 to Geisler for food, Medina found out that he only used it to buy beer. While rehearsing, Medina said the alcohol started to kick in and Geisler was no longer in his right mind to do the scenes. Since all of them didn't want to waste time, Medina refused to Geisler's request to repeat their rehearsals after three tries. This has lead Geisler really agitated and in his lenghty post, Medina angrily recalled the incident that happened while they were taping in Subic. The post went viral all over social media and it gained quite an attention. Is it another MMA fight? Well, everyone hopes so. 

Source: Facebook