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Ageless Alice Dixson Celebrates 47th Birthday Swimming Under The Waterfalls!

The Filipina actress and commercial model, Alice Dixson, has been the talk of the town on social media recently because of a video of her that has been going around all over the internet. Dixson has been known on social media for her posts of her beautiful young looking face and incredible body physique. And today, another one of her videos has been circulating online and fans were stunned with her dazzling beauty.

The video shows that the beauty queen is taking a dip in a waterfalls in her stunning white swimwear. She first took a light swim and took a dip below the waterfalls and sizzles up her way while all the netizens who watched were left stunned. The video went viral immediately and it gained a lot of attention all over social media websites. Now, social media pages, channels and websites are reposting the said video. 

Source: Youtube