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A Bite From This Tiny Tick Can Make You A Vegetarian For Life!

There are a lot of dangerous insects and bugs in the world. Some can give us painful bites and others were toxic that can cause amputations, lyme disease, paralysis and even death. Yet, there are other types of bugs that looks so innocent and are not harmful at but carries the ability that can change your life forever. Like this tiny tick, that can turn you to a vegetarian for life after one solid bite.

A video report has been going around and it is about a tiny Lone Star Tick that can give meat allergies to a person when bitten. It is so powerful that it can change your diet preferences immediately whether you want it or not. The bug is named after a small silver star at the center of its back and it saliva carries an allergic reaction to meat. It is so agonizing that victims needed to convert from lifelong carnivores into wary vegetarians. "People will eat beef and then anywhere from three to six hours later start having a reaction; anything from hives to full-blown anaphylactic shock," said Dr. Scott Commins, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. "And most people want to avoid having the reaction, so they try to stay away from the food that triggers it." Dr. Commins said that casses of the bizarre allergy are growing across the world. He's already seen over 4000 and so and 90 percent of them have a history of tick bites.

Source: Youtube