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World's Most Beautiful Teacher Became An Internet Sensation After Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

We all know and have experienced that high school life is filled with boring classes, sweaty kids, and old teachers. Yet for the kids of this one lucky school in Belarus, they have it really better because of she's been dubbed as the "World's Most Beautiful Teacher" and her students are really going crazy about her together with the whole social media world after one of her students posted a video of her that has gone viral on the internet.

The video shows the teacher named "Oksana Neveselaya" and she teaches mathematics. For some students math is really hard but yet for her students they are all inspired because of their beautiful teacher. Some even claimed that at times they find it hard to concentrate when they are seated in the front of the class. The video has attracted many viewers and Neveselaya has gone up to 216k followers on Instagram. The video went viral and many social media websites and pages re-posted the said video.

Source: Youtube