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Women Answer $2 Question, "If You're A Boy, How Big Would You Want Yours To Be?" Viral On Social Media!

We often hear our male friends, especially when they are drunk, they talk and brag about how big and thick their own thing is. While the girls are so busy talking about makeup, fashion, cute boys and yes making love, some men are so preoccupied comparing the sizes of their willy. I guess even in this kind of thing, they all become so competitive. 

We can always hear women say that "Size doesn't matter and its about the performance" yet we don't know why it matters to men. So, this guy named Trey Moe, made a video about this and he goes around the campus and asking women about "If you are a boy how big would you want yours to be?" Most women answered they like around six to seven inches and they tell different reasons. The video gained a lot of views and caught the attention many netizens. On YouTube alone, it gained over 3.1 million views.

Source: Youtube