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Woman With Two Private Parts Answered Questions Everyone Were Asking For! Viral On Social Media!

The internet is buzzing about the social media sensation named "Cassandra Bankson", she was famous on the internet for beauty and wellness products she use and then a time came that she fell ill and have her kidneys check. The doctors said that she had a 'Uterus Didelphys', which means she have two private parts and two wombs. After learning this condition, she revealed the news to her fans who are worrying about her sickness, later on fans kept asking questions about it and then she made a video where she answers the questions of her fans and followers. 

The video immediately went viral and fans lauded her for being such a great sport. She said on the video that she had nothing to be ashamed of because it was just a 'medical anomaly', where she was blessed with two uteri and two cervixes and fallopian tubes. Though before she didn't knew, she was just used to having double periods, double headaches, and double of everything that a woman naturally experience. In spite of the said condition, Cassandra is still hopeful of having children like the women who have the same condition like hers. The social media fans thought that her story was inspiring and this gained a lot of attention all over the internet. The videos and posts about it went viral and was re-blogged by different social media websites.

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