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While Everyone Is Angry At Rush Hour Traffic, This Videotron Gave A Surprise To Commuters!

The hashtag #Videotron is creating a buzz over different social media websites today and it started to trend because of the people who witnessed an amazing event during a traffic jam in Jalan Prapanca, Jakarta. It was a friday afternoon and it was a rush hour traffic when the videotron in the highway started streaming a very wonderful surprise video to commuters featuring a beautiful asian woman.

In the video, the woman is first seen with a man and later, the two are being intimate with each other. As the woman is giving ecstatic expressions that caught the attention of motorists and passersby. As soon as they saw this, people started taking pictures and videos of it and started posting on twitter, facebok and instagram. The video immediately went viral and became a trend on different social media platforms. Indeed, it was a mistake for the technician assigned to the videotron but netizens say it was worth the mistake.

Source: Facebook