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Welcome To The World's First Beauty Contests of Private Parts! Viral On Social Media!

There is a online competition that is making rounds all over social media because of the shocking yet intriguing idea that a certain toy company has made. The CEO and business entrepreneur, Brian Sloan, he develops and innovates toys that can help bring satisfaction to people.

Last year, he gave out $20,000 prize for the three of the most beautiful men and women's private parts and this year, the competition grew much more intense for he wants to upgrade the products that he have for his company. He wants to develop a toy which is similar to that of a person's behind. The company is willing to give $5,000 for the first prize, $3000 for the 2nd price, and $2000 for the third. All you need to do is to upload a photo of your own behind and allow netizens to vote for you. If you are among the top 3 they will give you the cash prizes in exchange for the 3D capture of your organ. The contest went viral all over social media and has been the buzz ever since.

Source: Contest Video