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Video: Yam Concepcion Spolarium Cover Goes Viral On Social Media!

The Filipina film and television actress Yam Concepcion has been on the social media spot light recently because of a cover that she sang and was posted on social media. Fans and netizens couldn't help but be impressed on the acoustic cover version of Spolarium by Eraserheads and was lauded by many netizens on facebook and on youtube.

The video shows that the actress recorded the song a little while after she woke up. At the beginning of the video, she apologized to the people for having puffy eyes because she just woke up and decided to have a cover. She did it on her room and was just wearing her sleeping clothes. She used a yukelele guitar for the song cover and her voice was amazing. Netizens were stunned at the video and it immediately went viral up to the point that different fans, supporters, social media pages and websites re-blogged the said video and made a story.

Source: Youtube