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Video: Human Meat Displayed In A Market At Barcelona Goes Viral On Social Media!

We all have things that we stood up for and each people may have different kinds of beliefs especially when it comes to our way of life and practices. Some of us might be in a different culture or religion while some of us might share the same belief as ours. While having these things in our mind, a lot of people across believe and practice vegetarianism. It is a practice where one person doesn't eat meat and among these people who are practicing there are also people who believe that animals should be protected with rights too that is why they do not eat meat. Many of them are engaging on different activities to equipped of them of the thing they are standing up for. Like this video of a group of people who has gained the attention of the whole cyberworld because of an event that they conducted in order to raise awareness of the people around them.

The video shows people who willingly displayed themselves as human meat wrapped in package imitating the animal meat that we buy in the groceries. The group covered themselves with fake blood, and was wrapped with plastic and styro and stayed still as onlookers get the scoop of their awareness that they wanna raise. The group decided this to get the attention of the government about animal rights and as well as let others see how we treat the animals. They are also petitioning to the politicians that the country must have a non meat day or they call it meatless mondays. This has caught the attention of many social media users and has gone viral all over the internet. 

Source: Facebook