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TV Star Walked Out On Set After Having Her Chest Exposed Live On Air!

A video of a reality TV star named Yola Berrocal from Spain has been making rounds all over social media after what happened in the middle of an interview on air. Berrocal is a known actress and model in spain and has been in the news ever since. It seems that the host was just interviewing the actress and just gesturing his hands and had 'accidentally' pulled down her dress.

Yolly was left ashamed and storms off the set after her chests were exposed into hundreds of thousands of viewers live on air. The video caught the attention of netizens and has gone viral ever since. It was so viral that many of the social media pages and websites re-blogged the said video. This was just one of the most epic fail incidents on live TV, leaving the actress so ashamed and mad.

Source: Youtube