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Tsunami Waves Hits Busan, Caught On Tape! #PrayForBusan Now Viral On Social Media!

The zombie apocalypse movie called "Train to Busan" became a huge it all over the world and the movie really made a mark, especially the place called Busan in korea, made a mark on the people who got to watch the film and that is why the recent video of Tsunami which hits the port of Busan City devastates a lot of fans and people across the world and have become viral all over social media. It even came to a trend the #PrayForBusan for what happened.

The video shows that the Port in Busan City was closed due to the typhoon Chaba which is heading east going to Japan. A report said that the port will open later in the day but unexpectedly, a huge storm surged hit the ports of the city and it was so big that it looked like a Tsunami. A netizen took a video and posted it on social media and according to the Public Safety and Security of Busan, 5 people passed away and there are 3 people who are still missing becayse if the Tsunami.

Source: Youtube