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This Yogi's Stunning Poses Helps Those Fighting Mental Illness! Viral On Social Media!

There are a lot of ways in coping up with the many mental conditions that people have in the world. It could be therapy from a doctor, reading books, or this - doing Yoga. The Yogi named Heidi Williams is now going viral in different social media websites because of her method in helping those who are suffering from different mental illness and condition.

The video and pictures that were posted online caught the attention of the many internet users because of the stunning and amazing poses that the Yogi did. She became the talk of the town and people lauded her for the amazing cause. If you are a person who is suffering from PTSD, anxiety, or major depression, the story of this yogi has inspired many people around the world. She had been a victim of harrasment and had finally found peace in yoga.

Source: Youtube