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This Woman Throws An Epic Tantrum After Being Dumped By Boyfriend Thru Facebook Messenger!

We often see a lot of people surrounding themselves with friends after having a breakup with their lovers or sometimes people prefer to be alone after having a painful break up. But there are people who choose to do crazy things after a painful break up. Like this 24-year old woman who went viral on social media because of a tantrum she did in the middle of the streets. 

Yes, she pulls of a tantrum in the middle of streets while people are passing by. It was reported that before the said event, the woman was dumped by her boyfriend thru facebook messenger and she went totally hysterical. She lie down on the streets while screaming and shouting. She cannot accept what happened and she burst out like that in the middle of the road. Later on, people tried to stop her but she refused up until the police came and arrested her. This was really an insane incident. So guys out there be really careful on how you do the break up.

Source: Youtube